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"Here's Lucy"
Debuted on September 23, 1968 on CBS
Left Prime Time on September 2, 1974
144 episodes, 30 minutes each


Lucy Carter: Lucille Ball
Harrison Otis Carter(Lucy's brother in law): Gale Gordon
Kim Carter(Lucy's daughter): Lucie Arnaz
  Craig Carter (Lucy's son): Desi Arnaz, Jr
Mary Jane Lewis (Lucy's friend): Mary Jane Croft
Vivian Jones (Lucy's friend, guest appearances): Vivian Vance

The Story
The Carter family resides in Los Angeles and consists of Lucy, her teenage children, Kim and Craig, and her brother in law, Harrison Carter, who is also Lucy's employer
She manages to get Harry and her kids into numerous adventures; some of which involve celebrities

Interesting Tidbits
Lucy's private secretary, Wanda Clark, appears breifly in episode 40, "Lucy Protects Her Job."
The first 3 seasons of "Here's Lucy" were filmed at Paramount; the last three at Universal.


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